Serving Trays, Carving and Cutting boards are crafted from domestic and exotic hardwood species, including American hard maple and sapele wood.

Waterproof glue is utilized for maximum strength and longevity, and each board is finished glass-smooth.

Board cleats (handles) are solid marine-grade stainless steel, fastened with stainless screws.

Nautical Boards will repair any defect that arises due to materials failure.

All boards are finished with multiple coats of butcher block conditioner, a product made up of food grade mineral oil and naturally water-resistant beeswax and carnauba wax. This product is specially formulated for wood care which prevents drying and cracking, and its naturally antibacterial waxes help repair knife marks and protect the wood by keeping the mineral oil in and the moisture out.

This product also exceeds U.S. FDA regulations for direct and indirect contact with food. I intentionally avoid using tung oil, as the volatile carriers used in this product can leave a strong odor/taste on food that comes in contact with the surface.

If desired, 100 percent waterproof and UV resistant finishes are available – please contact Nautical Boards for this option.