The Nautical Boards Cabin Sole™ line is designed to resemble the cabin sole of a classic yacht, with contrasting woods, flowing curves and traditional proportions.  Although teak and holly set the standard on the water,  hard maple and sapele woods are selected for their durability and stability.

Serving Trays, Carving, and Cutting Boards are all nominally sized at 7/8″ inch thick.

Please Note: With the exception of available inventory, all trays and boards are made-to-order and require several weeks lead time, plus time in transit for delivery. If you require a product immediately, please check the Current Inventory page, or give me a call (or email)

Serving Trays – Oval and Rectangular Cabin Sole Serving Trays™ feature cleat handles and a recessed center, for both practical and aesthetic reasons – they are great for serving drinks and food, or as the centerpiece at a dining table or outdoor meal.

Carving Boards – The original Nautical Board™, with its clean lines, visual appeal and all around usefulness is one of our most popular products.

Cutting and Cheese Boards – Cutting boards range from small blocks suitable for cutting limes for a tiki punch on a hot afternoon, slicing up a selection of cheeses for appetizers, or as a special board for everyday use in the kitchen.  Please note that both cutting and cheese boards do not have cleats; cleats can be added to cheese boards if requested.

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