Small Rectangle Maple Carving Board

Height: 11.00 Inches
Width: 20.00 Inches
Depth: 0.88 Inches

In Nautical Detail

This maple carving board with stripes of sapele and 316-grade polished handles is great for carving fish, Thanksgiving turkeys, or boring olÌ_å« veggies. Looks great on a boat or in a lakehouse!

How I Was Made

Day fourteen of a windless ocean left me stranded a few miles off the coast of Myanmar. I hadnÌ_å«t eaten in four days and the still water, like glass, brought no tidings of aquarius eats. A storm cloud approached from the east and like a what I thought was a shadow of a cloud turned out to be a miracle: a school of fish, heading right for me.

Thinking fast I grabbed a net from the edge of the deck and waited. Waited a bit longer. I let the net go and with a large splash there was a frantic disturbance in the shadow in the water, and when the foam cleared, I saw it. Three single fish caught in the remains of an old fishing net. Dinner was on.

I carved away on the deck of my boat as the storm clouds brought enough wind to push me inland. With a heavy stomach and a light heart, I strolled away back home to get some well-deserved sleep. The next day I took a piece of the deck and made a carving board to remind me that even when the storm is coming, it can bring good tides of change.


*Every Nautical Board is tastefully engraved on the back with our logo. We love putting a prideful stamp on our handiwork!


Width: 11"
Height: 20"
Thickness: 7/8"
Weight: 4 lbs


Perimeter Juice Groove


Carved by hand in Atlanta, GA
316-grade stainless steel handles
American maple and sapele

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