Dad-Approved Boat Snacks for Father's Day

Dad-Approved Boat Snacks for Father's Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate dad than with a wholesome boat day in the sun. For the dad who loves his boat, a personalized Nautical Board is the perfect gift to use on and off the water. Nautical Boards were created for entertaining, no matter where you are. This father’s day we’ve compiled a list of our favorite boat-friendly, easy snacks, with dad seal of approval.

Fathers Day Nautical Board Charcuterie

Crudite plate with Ranch or Hummus

Pre-cut veggies such as celery, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, snap peas, and bell peppers make for a super easy and healthy snack for a boat day. Throw your favorite ranch or hummus in the cooler (because no one wants a plain raw vegetable) and you have a fresh and crisp snack that’ll last all day. Just a reminder- crudités look even better whenplated on a Nautical Board!

Homemade Trail Mix Bags

Everyone loves trail mix, plus, pre-made snack bags are an easy snack to transport on and off the boat. Take the healthy route with your trail mix and combine almonds, craisins, pepitas, cashews, and dried banana chips. For the dad with a sweet tooth, throw in peanuts, m&m’s, pretzels, and mini marshmallows. One pro tip we have is to keep your trail mix snack bags in a cooler if you include chocolate - unless you want a melty mess and chocolate everywhere.

Nautical Cheese Board

If you opt for a relaxing sunset cruise rather than an all-day fishing trip, a cheese board is always a crowd-pleasing option - and even better when served on a Nautical Board. We love to add a few of our favorite hard and soft cheeses, grapes and apples, crackers, and cured meats. Whether you make a boujee charcuterie board or cheese slices and ritz crackers, dad will love a cheese board to celebrate his day.


If you’re planning on being out and about all day with dad, jerky is the perfect high-protein snack that’s easy to grab and eat on the go. Whether you make this jerky yourself or buy it already made, make sure you get a few bags in dad’s favorite flavor because this stuff is addicting!

Fathers Day Fruit Plate Maple Nautical Board

Pre-cut Fruit

Fresh fruit is a good option for a quick snack on any boat day. Fruit serves as a great healthy and refreshing snack when kept in the cooler. Throw together a fruit salad of your favorite fruits and pre-pack in sandwich bags to make the distribution even easier when the crew starts to get hungry. If it’s time for a big snack break, spread out your precut fruit on a Maple Nautical Board.

Our final tip is that aside from delicious snacks, it’s always important to store lots of water on board no matter how long you plan on making the boat day. Keep in mind that our Kellbee Tumblers are great for keeping drinks cold all day long, no matter how hot the days are. We hope this gives you inspiration for celebrating the dads this Father’s Day and wishing you all smooth sailing! Check out the rest of our Nautical Boards here for a gift that keeps on giving.