Small Rectangle Sapele Cheese Board


While vacationing in Nantucket I ran across a dairy farm sprinkled with spotted cows and white goats. I pulled ashore to compliment the farmer on his handiwork and traversed up to an old brown barn with an empty rocking chair in front of it.

As I sat down to rest, the door slammed open behind me as a frantic man with overalls and a sweaty forehead asked me to hand him a bucket. One of his cows was overflowing and there was milk spilling out onto the steps of the barn.

“That’s a lot of milk!” I exclaimed as I threw him a bucket to suppress the overflow.

We drank wine and and ate some of Nantucket’s finest cheese that night, and as a gift for his hospitality I sent him this cheese board I fashioned with a single handle. We still talk sometimes.

This sapele cheese board with strips of maple and a single handle makes a great little appetizer board for any friendly affair, and has come to be my most-used cheese board in my kitchen.

*Every Nautical Board is tastefully engraved on the back with our logo. We love putting a prideful stamp on our handiwork!


Width: 14"
Height: 8 1/2"
Thickness: 7/8"
Weight: 4 lbs


Flat body


Carved by hand in Atlanta, GA
Heavy duty handle
American maple and sapele

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