Nautical Boards offers a distinct product line that includes premium-grade Serving Trays, Carving Boards and Cutting Boards. Designed and crafted by Steve Brownell, Nautical Boards are made on the South Shore of Massachusetts. With products that range from small trays for appetizers, stylized and durable cutting boards, to large pieces suitable for festive meals or large parties, Nautical Boards offers customers a product line unavailable anywhere else.

The Nautical Boards Cabin Sole™ line is designed to resemble the cabin sole of a classic yacht, with contrasting woods, flowing curves and traditional proportions. Although teak and holly set the standard on the water, hard maple and sapele woods are selected for their durability and stability. Serving Trays, Carving, and Cutting Boards are all nominally sized at 7/8″ inch thick.

Explore the craftsmanship, tactile and visual appeal that defines each piece in the product line.